How We Do It.

We carry a huge stock of alloy wheels ready refurbished to fit to your car. Whether you have your new wheels fitted by us at our Blackpool workshop or have them mailed out to you, there's no easier way to get your wheels refurbished.

We send the new wheels out to you first, so you can have them fitted by your local tyre fitting centre, when the old wheels are off your car you simply pack them into the delivery boxes, give us a call and we send the driver to pick them up and bring them back to us.

When we get your old wheels back we process them for the next customer.

This process is as follows

  1. We unpack the wheels and remove weights and valves.
  2. We then examine the wheels for buckles bends flatspots and cracks.
  3. All discrepancies are rectified (cracked or very damaged wheels are scrapped)
  4. The wheels then go into a dip tank containing paint stripper.
  5. The next stage is aquablasting to prepare the surface for powder coating.
  6. Sanding comes next to remove any scuffs and scrapes, deeper gouges are TiG welded.
  7. The wheels then go for painting which involves preheating the wheel before applying a layer of tough powder coat.
  8. They then come out of the oven to receive a final coat of hard wearing heat cured lacquer.

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